Thursday, 16 March 2017

A tribute to the late Denis-St Jean

Denis was an active member of the Nepean Allotment Garden Association (NAGA) from its inception in 1991 until his death on March 14, 2017.

BACKGROUND: In early spring of 1991 the then City of Nepean (City) stopped funding the gardens on Viewmount Drive for financial reasons. The City after receiving many letters and phone calls agreed to host a public meeting to discuss the future of the gardens. The City spokesman at the meeting agreed to let a volunteer group operate the gardens. At the intermission, a hastily formed volunteer group informed the City spokesman that a volunteer group will take over the gardens. The attendees at the meeting were invited to go to another room. In that group was Denis where an Interim Board of Directors was appointed. Denis became the Publicity Director: a post he held for many years. Denis also held the position of Vice-Chair and Director.

Over the years Denis helped in many ways: cutting the grass. He liked to cut the grass in the early morning before sunrise, looking after the distribution of mushroom compost, and tidying up the garden waste especially at the end of the garden season. Denis, an experienced gardener, helped many inexperienced gardeners get started in the right way. 

Mary, his wife became the garden registrar in 1996. Mary held that position for many years. Denis was very supportive of Mary during her years at the gardens.

Denis will be missed, not only by his family but, by all the NAGA gardeners.

Ian Reid, NAGA Gardener                                                               16-March 2017