Wednesday, 11 June 2014

We all have a garbage problem.

NAGA Members:

Please look at the photo, below. Every spring time we are hit by a tsunami of garbage. Much of it comes from the garden plots, some of it is dumped by the public who disrespect their community and feel they can dump garbage in a park or garden. When the garbage is not packaged properly the City may refuse to pick it up. Quickly, the situation gets worse and makes the garden look bad and may upset the local residents. If the City does not pick up the garbage, then responsible NAGA members must do the messy work and clean up the garbage. If the amount of garbage is too large, the NAGA administration must then take steps to correct the situation. This may include arranging for a special pickup, or rental of a large garbage container, and then to pay for its proper disposal. This will only add to the pressure to increase member fees. Therefore we must all do our part to improve this situation.

Here are some of the things we can all do to help:

1. If you brought items to the garden that you no longer need or want, TAKE IT HOME and dispose of it in your own garbage pick up. You were able to bring it to the garden, you must therefore be able to remove it.

2. If you can't take the garbage home, then at least have the decency to place it in TIED GARBAGE BAGS or place it in the trash bins, and not loose, all over the ground.

3. If you are getting rid of sticks and branches, they must be CUT TO A REASONABLE LENGTH, and TIED with STRING into BUNDLES. They can not be loosely placed in disorganised piles. The garbage men are not paid to pick up thousands of sticks. They need to pick up bundles of items.

4. Limit the amount of material you bring onto the plots that is plastic, and metal.  THIS IS A GARDEN, NOT A JUNKYARD.

5. If you see NAGA members improperly disposing of garden waste, please tell them to do it properly. If they refuse, feel free to inform the Chairperson or Maintenance Director of the problem with the details of their plot number.  If you see a non-member dumping garbage from their vehicle, copy the license plate and report this a member of the Board of Directors (email:

To Members of the Public who are not NAGA Members:

The NAGA Garden is for members. Members do the hard work of gardening, volunteering, and they pay NAGA to do all this. They are all citizens of the City of Ottawa, so like you, they also pay taxes. So, NAGA members pay City taxes, and they pay extra money to be members of the garden. The garden property is not for non-members to drive to and treat the property like a garbage dumping ground. You have your own local garbage pick up, and you can also take refuse to the Trail Road Facility. If caught dumping, you will be prosecuted. Your vehicle license will be noted, photos may be taken.

See the City of Ottawa By-Laws, items 70 and 76:
70. No person shall place waste on any property other than the property upon which it is generated.
76. Any person who contravenes any provision of this by-law is guilty of an offence and upon conviction thereof is liable to a fine of not more than $10,000.00 for a first offence and $25,000.00 for any subsequent offence.

Thank you all for your cooperation.