Saturday, 17 May 2014

2014 Opening for Annual Gardening

Dear NAGA Gardeners,

The big tiller.
Last week (13 May) the entire annual garden was tilled (the tilling is only loosely scheduled with the city and we never know exactly when they will show up with the tractor). It also depends on the weather, as it has to be dry enough to till the soil and recently it has been wet. This makes it difficult for us to schedule volunteers for staking the plots, but that is the hand we are dealt each year.

However, before the tiller had left the property, a group of dedicated NAGA member volunteers  measured and staked the east side of the annual garden with the white numbered posts that mark each plot boundary. This is several hours of detailed, careful work which is done. As well, another NAGA volunteer re-painted many stakes and numbered them.  By the 16th, several more annual plots were staked by volunteers on the west side of the garden. As of today, May 17th all annual plots will have been staked, and the water has been turned on. Gardening is OPEN!

Stakes freshly painted.
Volunteers measuring and staking the annual plots.
Some gardeners began planting prior to the staking. These gardeners risk losing some of their effort if they mistakenly went outside of their plot boundary. All boundaries will be strictly enforced.

The NAGA Registrar is now busy going through the long waiting list (there is another post in this blog about the waiting list).

It appears as though the power corporation has relocated the massive wood-chip mulch pile from near their installation in the 'south-east' corner of the garden to along the back fence-line, behind plots 275-277. The corporation also put down a rough gravel path in this area, perhaps in preparation for upcoming work(?).

If you have not yet heard about your plot assignment, please wait to be contacted by the Registrar.