Sunday, 26 May 2013

Activity in the Garden!

It has been great to see people out gardening after a long winter. The soil is tilled, the water is running, the hay is delivered, compost and mulch is delivered, the porta-potty is in place!

Here you can see a lot of activity is going on. Plants are going in, people are making their rows, spreading their compost, and at least for now nobody is worrying about controlling their weeds, because there are few weeds to speak of at this time. But, when the weeds come, be sure to control them!

In the distance, looking west towards the Fire Hall, you can see people socialising in the garden. I find this is one of the great benefits of gardening in the Association, you get to meet so many nice and interesting people, and you can always learn from more experienced gardeners.

Recently, one of the long term gardeners, Jim, took it upon himself to help the garden by constructing some nice birdhouses along the south fence. This fence separates the garden from the water reservoir which is between Viewmount Dr. and Colonnade Rd. Jim knows more than a few things about birds, and how each species likes certain types of birdhouses (Jim is also very knowledgeable in permaculture and organic gardening). This includes how deep the house is from the entry hole, and the size and shape of the entry hole, which will allow only the desired type of bird to take up residence. In this case, we are trying to attract swallows, which are beneficial for controlling insects such as mosquitos. Mosquitos can be in plentiful supply in the garden due to the water reservoir. Notice that the birdhouses are also very high up from the fence. This is to prevent squirrels from taking up residence.

Here is a picture of one of the older birdhouses, now on the ground, which was taken over by a squirrel! The cheek!

Happy gardening!